ISO 9001

Client’s need

By the means of quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001, the processes’ management is improved, which helps to increase client’s satisfaction. ISO 9001 is also a good argument for sales of products and services.

  • The public and private sector clients often look for trustworthy cooperation that may be offered by the means of efficient management system.
  • Partners may require the quality certificate in order to guarantee the necessary quality of the product and service to clients.

Essence of ISO 9001

ISO are the most common standards of quality management. ISO 9001 determines the requirements to the quality system and other (ISO 9000:2007 and ISO 9004:2001) give the rules for the interpretation and implementation of the standard. ISO 9000 – is internationally accepted standards. Over 700 enterprises in Estonia are certified. The easiest is ISO 9001:

  • Describe the activities and the process of work.
  • Act as it is described.
  • Confirm: draw and save the related documentation.

Value for client

The activities of the organization are documented and the employees’ areas of responsibility are clearly defined –

  • productivity and results improve, costs of production decrease, efficiency increases;
  • constant systematic orientation on client’s needs and improvement of client’s satisfaction;
  • activities are constantly reviewed, which improves spread of new progressive ideas.

Organization is certified –

  • new opportunities for distribution of the product appear (export, new clients);
  • the reputation of the organization improves in the eyes of clients and partners;
  • the competitive advantage of the company improves.

The changes in the culture of the organization –

  • teamwork and employees satisfaction improve;
  • the level of employees commitment to work increases and discipline improves;
  • improvement in the communication and management of the company.

Experience in the following areas

Construction, retail and wholesale trade, furniture industry