Client’s need

The main task of the manager is the long-term development of the company, but due to excessive every-day duties, managers are more engaged in tactical planning. Strategic planning is the means that allow devoting more time to long-term perspective and attracting different levels’ managers to the planning process.

Essence of the strategy

Strategy is drawn up by the means of Liivakell® methodology that is at the same time HeiVäl’s registered trademark. The following topics are scrutinized in the frames of the strategy:

  • internal and external analysis of the company;
  • SWOT-analysis;
  • factors of success;
  • vision of the organization;
  • mission statement of the organization;
  • directions of the organizational activities;
  • objectives;
  • strategies;
  • tactical program.

Value for client

  • We help manage working out the strategy and if it is necessary, solve problematic situations and questions.
  • The result of the strategic planning is a clear action plan for organization that includes long-term activities of the organization as well.
  • The strategy helps understand the general vision of the company concerning the development objectives and activities for reaching the goals.

Experience in the following areas

  • Public sector (incl. universities, scientific groups)
  • Trade;
  • Real estate;
  • Financial sector;
  • Transport;
  • Tourism;
  • Centers of technological development.