Service quality

Client’s need

There are often situations in the organizations, where there is no stable qualified service.
The client’s needs are not identified, feedback from customers is not asked and is not received. That is why, the management has the following questions:

  • How can enterprises stay competitive in the conditions of hard competition?
  • What does this mean for particular parts of the organization?

Essence of the service quality management

There are four phases of the implementation of the quality service management in the organization:

  • Research of the quality of the service (search of new clients, research of the expectations and clients’ satisfaction, understanding of the quality of service by employees);
  • General concepts and plan of implementation (creation of the vision: quality as an objective of the company, choice of the pilot projects, planning of the projects’ implementation);
  • Choice of the improvement methods (time schedule, communication plan, full system of the quality management, gradual quality management);

Value for client

Client’s satisfaction is improved –

  • the share of lost clients decreases and turnover and income increase;
  • thanks to recommendations the share of satisfied clients increases;
  • problem solution is found quickly;
  • the image of the company improves.

Company expenses decrease –

  • thanks to good organization of work in the company double work is eliminated;
  • expenses on the correction of mistakes decrease. For example, it is 50-70% cheaper to keep existing clients than attract new ones.

Changes in the culture of organization –

  • quality understanding and personal responsibility improves;
  • decision-making process is improved due to the presence of the objective evaluation system;
  • regular results of the evaluation motivate improvement of the results in service quality.
  • motivation of the employees by attracting them to the process of evaluation.

Experience in the following areas

Educational institutions, retail trade, financial sector.