Search of business partners

Client’s need

The precondition of growth and profitability of the company abroad is a good business partner. The search of partners requires necessary sources of information and is time consuming. In some cases it is reasonable to purchase this service.

Essence of the search of business partners

The search of business partners consists of the following stages:

  • the client determines conditions of cooperation and requirements to partners;
  • the consultant gathers the information on related companies on the chosen market: companies’ names, contacts, motivation for cooperation, etc.;
  • consultant makes up a report on companies that the connection was set with and offers potential cooperation opportunities;
  • in accordance with client’s needs information is structurally represented (e.g. company export share, prices, share capital, turnover, debts to suppliers or tax department, etc.);
  • in accordance with client’s needs the consultant organizes business partners’ and client’s meeting and helps carry out the negotiations;

HeiVäl Consulting specializes on the following markets: Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia. With help of its partners HeiVäl Consulting can propose its services on other markets as well.

Value for client

  • As a result of the search the client gets the list of potential business partners and evaluation of the potential cooperation with them.
  • The search covers identification of potential business partners as well as organization of negotiations.

Experience in the following areas

  • Metal processing on CNC machinery
  • Recruiting companies