Business plan

Client’s need

The need in this service may be based on the bank’s wish to see a business plan when deciding on a credit. A client needs a business plan for putting own thoughts in order as well as for getting the evaluation of the idea’s feasibility from an independent expert.

Essence of the business plan

The following topics are covered in the frames of the business plan:

  • description of an idea;
  • description of product/service;
  • availability of raw materials and technology;
  • the volumes and trends of potential markets;
  • description of competitive environment;
  • marketing strategy;
  • risk analysis;
  • SWOT-analysis;
  • the choice of the technology and the cost;
  • necessary labor force;
  • description of potential sources of financing;
  • production cost analysis;
  • sales’ projections;
  • investments plan and expenses budget;
  • scenarios for financing and estimation of payback period;
  • forecasts of financial results;
  • the management and the team of the project/company.

Value for client

  • As a result of the business planning, the client may determine, whether there is a demand on his/her product.
  • The second value of business plan is clear action plan that describes necessary actions for the implementation of the profitable project.
  • The quality of the business plan allows addressing to foreign investors as well as to Enterprise Estonia and banks for receiving a grant or a loan.

Experience in the following areas

  • Biotechnology;
  • Construction;
  • Production of construction materials;
  • Educational institutions;
  • Hotels and SPA;
  • Light industry;
  • Fuels’ production;
  • Railways.