Market analysis

Client’s need

Before making the investment there is a need to ensure that there is target market for a new product, and the enterprise has necessary resources and competences. The long-term technological and market tendencies should be explored and the related risks should be identified.

Essence of the market analysi

Different markets are compared and the company is helped to make a strategic choice. Some of most important parts of market analysis are the following:

  • market volume and future trends;
  • market division;
  • needs/characteristics of potential clients;
  • market segmentation (advantages, disadvantages);
  • characteristics of competitors (strengths, weaknesses);
  • distribution channels;
  • means of promotion of the product;
  • standards and legal basis of the market;
  • strategic choices.

We will draw up the market analysis for the following markets: Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, England, Ireland, Russia, and Ukraine. If it is necessary, we can also propose analysis of other markets using our partners from the selected countries.

Value for client

  • The enterprise decides on the next target market.
  • We will evaluate the demand on products/services.
  • We will choose the right strategy for the promotion of the products on the target market.
  • We will achieve a competitive advantage.

Experience in the following areas

  • Furniture industry
  • Biofuels
  • Markers used in proteomics
  • Biotechnology