EU fonds

Client’s need

Due to joining the EU, Estonia got the opportunity to apply for additional financing of its economical activities and participate in programs financed by the EU.

The goal of drawing up the application for financing is to help client quickly draw up an application for EU financing that meets the requirements and rules of the EU. Professional consultants are needed, if there is lack of necessary professionals and lack of time inside the company.

Essence of the application to European funds

  • We analyze the source of funding, propose the best problem solution or the solution for implementation of an idea;
  • We draw up the application for financing;
  • In the process of drawing up the application for financing we will help the company to make a business plan, development program, preliminary research and feasibility study.
  • In order to guarantee the application to meet the requirements and rules of the EU, the company may give the ready project to our professionals to check the correctness of the content and appearance by our professionals. Besides the feedback on ready project, we will also introduce necessary changes to the project.

Value for client

  • Thanks to the financing from European funds, the company expands its operations on the external markets or strengthens its positions on the internal market.

Experience in the following areas

  • Cooperation between companies and scientific institutions;
  • Biotechnology;
  • Renewable energy;
  • Medicine.