Self assessment

Client’s need

It often happens that objectives of the organization are established without preliminary analysis of the activities. In order to achieve the objectives, activities should be evaluated on a regular basis that will allow determining, whether the existing systems and every-day procedures fulfill the objectives and whether the existing processes are updated. Assessment process gives the opportunity to determine:

  • strengths and weaknesses of the organization;
  • how far is the organization on its way to excellence;
  • how developed organization is compared t others;
  • where the limited resources should be concentrated for getting maximum profit.

Essence of self assessment

Self assessment is a comprehensive, systematic overview of the activities and results in the organization based on the model of organizational excellence. The process of evaluation allows determining strengths of the organization and areas that require improvement. The process is finished when improvement action plan is complied and the processes are being followed.

The organization gets the systematic overview of management-results relationships.

  • The following topics are covered in the frames of management: leadership, employees, politics and strategy, partnership and resources, processes.
  • The following areas are scrutinized in the frames of results: employees, clients, society, key results of the operations.

Value for client

  • The steps to success of the organization may be evaluated more efficiently.
  • Organization is better informed concerning the quality.
  • The focus and strategic approach in the organization is improved.
  • The constant commitment of employees and management to improvement of processes.
  • Clients’ satisfaction, results and financial figures are improved.

Experience in the following areas

  • Public sector (ministry);
  • Construction sector;
  • Electronics;
  • Local governments (Estonia, Finland);
  • Healthcare and social sector;
  • Food industry.

Self-assessment questionnaire