Export plan

Client’s need

The company wants to operate successfully on the foreign market.

Essence of the export plan

  • What company products may be sold on the chosen market?
  • Does the company have enough financial and labor resources for entering export market and satisfying larger market’s demand?
  • How large is the demand for the product on the chosen export market? What are the directions of the market development?
  • Who are the final customers of the product/service on the export market, what are their expectations and requirements?
  • Are there any barriers to enter the export market?
  • Who are the competitors on the export market?
  • What are the company’s strengths and opportunities compared to competitors?
  • What is the volume of production that could be sold on the export market?
  • What distribution channels are preferable?
  • What price policy should be chosen?
  • How are we going to promote our products and services?
  • What is the payback period of the investments in marketing activities?

Value for client

  • In addition to export plan, practical solutions for the development of competitive advantage are proposed and distribution channels are found.
  • Consulting on the implementation of export plan.
  • Work experience on foreign markets (Finland, Latvia, Russia).
  • Great experience in consulting of enterprises in working our export plans for entering Scandinavian, Baltic, Western-European, Russian and Chinese markets.

Experience in the following areas

  • Production and service enterprises that plan starting the systematic operations on export markets.
  • Production and service enterprises that plan developing the systematic operations on existing or new markets.
  • Over 70 export plans were drawn up and financed by Enterprise Estonia.


Self-assessment questionnaire